A partner for the local community

Apart from its core activities, PGE GiEK also runs a number of corporate social responsibility activities, supporting local initiatives and helping the organisation of cultural, educational and sports events in the region. The mine and power plant actively respond to needs of the local community reported by local governments and non-governmental organisations.

Funds donated to entities in the Zgorzelec Poviat helped purchase, among others, fire equipment for the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Zawidowo and motor pumps for the Voluntary Fire Brigade in Bierna, computers for the computer lab and reading room at the Secondary School in Zgorzelec, and also helped organise trips for children and youngsters.

Additionally, the mine and the power plant sponsored numerous events, such as the organisation of the 13th International Senior Singers Festival "Singing Seniors", sports competitions and amateur teams from the Zgorzelec region, including The Three Borders Bridge Tournament and the 12th Preschool Sports Olympics, as well as the organisation of other local events, festivals and concerts.

The complex is actively involved in the fight against the COVID -19 pandemic. The power plant and the mine have purchased essential personal protective equipment for nursing homes, the police and the fire brigade.

In cooperation with PGE, the Ministry of State Assets and the Ministry of Health, donations were also made to health care centres operating in the immediate vicinity of the Power Plant and the Turów Mine – the Multi-specialist Hospital - Independent Public Health Care Centre in Zgorzelec, Independent Public Health Care Centre in Bogatynia, Private Health Care Centre - Łużyce Medical Centre in Lubań and the 4th Military Clinical Hospital with Polyclinic - Independent Public Health Care Centre in Wrocław.

The Turów Power Plant and Mine are also involved in supporting the following programmes:

  • "Forests Full of Energy" - an initiative carried out annually in cooperation with the PGE Foundation, school students and forest inspectorates from the Zgorzelec Poviat - in total about 26 million trees and shrubs have already been planted
  • The "PGE Pomagamy" employee volunteering programme - in Turów volunteers have carried out several projects, including ones in cooperation with the Small Animal Shelter in Dłużyna Górna, the Integration Workshop of the Bogatynia Cultural Centre, the Jasna Góra Village and the Bogatynia "Amazonka" Association. One of the projects was "LEDschool" carried out at Public Kindergarten No. 3 with Integration Classes in Bogatynia.
  • Power School Bag - a campaign to fund school kits for children from families at risk of social exclusion. In total, 544 school bags with school supplies were provided as part of the campaign.
  • A play titled "Pstryk and Bzik Become Enlightened" - performed in kindergartens and primary schools in the Zgorzelec Poviat, where the main characters, Pstryk and Bzik, explain to small children how to safely use electrical equipment and provide basic information about energy.