Czechs and Poles do not want a dispute over Turów - according to survey of inhabitants of regions on both sides of the border

Border relations are an important element of development for the entire tri-border region, both on the Czech and Polish sides. The research carried out by, commissioned by PGE, shows that Poles and Czechs have close relations, and their neighbours care about maintaining good cross-border relations. Residents of the region are hoping for a quick and compromise solution for both sides in the dispute over the Turów mine.

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PGE: local communities should be beneficiaries of the Just Transition Mechanism - participants of the Polish-Czech-German debate on the future of mining regions

Defining the challenges facing local governments, the need for cross-border cooperation and creating a new vision for the region and its inhabitants. The above are the main topics of the debate entitled "The shared future of mining regions located close to the border of PL-CZ-DE. Economy, Society, Environment”, which was organised on the 6th of July 2021 in Bogatynia at the initiative of PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna.

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