Turów supplies five percent of the country's energy

The Turów complex is an important part of the Polish power system, impacting Poland's energy security and stable power supply. The Turów Mine and Power Plant are responsible for approx. 5% of national energy production, supplying electricity to around 2.3 million households.

The power plant, which has been operating continuously since 1962, is one of the largest electricity generators in Poland. Since it was launched, it has also been one of the most important plants in Lower Silesia. The power plant is operates on lignite supplied from the nearby Turów Mine. At present, the power plant operates six power units, which were launched between 1998 and 2004, following extensive modernisation. In 2015, the Turów Power Plant started construction of a new power unit with a gross capacity of 496 MW, which, when completed in 2021, will replace the three oldest units that will be shut down.

The new unit will be a state-of-the-art facility. Top quality technological solutions were used in the construction process, which will guarantee highly efficient energy production and allow to fully and effectively use the lignite resources, while complying with all environmental standards. The new unit will meet strict EU environmental protection norms. Once in operation, the capacity of the Turów Power Plant will be around 2 000 MW.

In its current form, the Turów Power Plant is capable of supplying electricity to approximately 2.3 million households. Once completed, the Turów power complex will increase its capacity by an additional million households.